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On 11th March 2020, I heard from the BBC that the COVID-19 outbreak had been confirmed as a pandemic by the WHO. This was the confirmation of a worrying reality which many of us within the field of medical research hoped would never see the light of day. The world was entering unchartered waters with many epidemiological terms which previously were not popularly known becoming household terms. Most notable among these were the terms “herd immunity” and “R”. Imagine a battlefield where the enemy is trying to set an entire army on fire. The enemy will fail to achieve their aim if a significant proportion of opposing forces have fire-resistant gear which will diminish the spread of the fire. In plain terms, herd immunity is collective immunity conferred onto the general population resulting from a significant amount of the populace developing immunity mostly through vaccination. Herd immunity eventually leads to a reduced rate of infection (R)..... CLICK ON TITLE TO READ ENTIRE ARTICLE