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On 11th March 2020, I heard from the BBC that the COVID-19 outbreak had been confirmed as a pandemic by the WHO. This was the confirmation of a worrying reality which many of us within the field of medical research hoped would never see the light of day. The world was entering unchartered waters with many epidemiological terms which previously were not popularly known becoming household terms. Most notable among these were the terms “herd immunity” and “R”. Imagine a battlefield where the enemy is trying to set an entire army on fire. The enemy will fail to achieve their aim if a significant proportion of opposing forces have fire-resistant gear which will diminish the spread of the fire. In plain terms, herd immunity is collective immunity conferred onto the general population resulting from a significant amount of the populace developing immunity mostly through vaccination. Herd immunity eventually leads to a reduced rate of infection (R)..... CLICK ON TITLE TO READ ENTIRE ARTICLE

Relationships & Marriage


When Solomon sinned against God, He punished him, but at the same time remembered His good servant David and kept the throne in the tribe of Judah. As Christians, when a person offends us, that is not the time to remember past wrongs; but rather the time to remember the good things which that person has done for you in the past. Having an unreserved love for that person at that particular moment would help you to bring the relationship on track..... CLICK ON TITLE TO READ ENTIRE ARTICLE

Relationships & Marriage


 When man sinned against God Adam said " The woman whom thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat" (KJV) (Genesis 3:12). From that time to date, God gave man his own freewill to choose his spouse. A man or woman may decide not to even marry at all. God rather GUIDES or LEADS a person to a good spouse but the choice of marrying or not marrying that person rests with him or her alone...... CLICK ON TITLE TO READ ENTIRE ARTICLE

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As children grow up, they learn to hear and distinguish the voices of people around them. They are able to distinguish the voice of their parents, from their siblings and friends. John 10:27 states “my sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me” (NKJV). As children of God, we are supposed to be able to hear and distinguish God’s voice from the voice of the enemy. When the sheep hear the voice of their Master, they follow Him; signifying, obedience, trust and total reliance on the ability of their Master to keep them safe and lead them to the right path. So how do we distinguish God’s Voice from other voices around us? For us to be able to do this, we need to know the characteristics of the voice of God...... CLICK ON TITLE TO READ ENTIRE ARTICLE