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The life of man can be summed up as “a collection of decisions”. Many Christians struggle with making the right decisions in life. Some feel that the right decision is simply “making up their mind to do what they want”. Other Christians also make up their mind about things and presume that what they’ve decided is exactly what God wants them to do. “There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death” Proverbs. 14:12(KJV). Hence the right decision is the decision which is right in the sight of God (or which pleases God or which is in line with His will for one’s life). This means that the right decision may not always seem right in the sight of man. It may not always be what you want to do.


The things of the Spirit are always in conflict with the flesh. Despite all these, God has given man the freewill to make whatever decision he or she may want; but he or she would render an account someday. That is why someone may choose not to even love God at all. Christians would be able to make the right decisions when they synchronise their will with the will of God (i.e. when the will of God becomes their will). The Holy Spirit, who is our counsellor, is ready to give counselling, even as we make our decisions in life. When we ask the Holy Spirit to continually make His counsel available to us as Christians, He will do so for us continually. He will lay the will of God in our hearts, whenever we are making decisions, but won’t make the decision for us. He would rather draw our minds onto the right decision or the best choice for us (in the sight of God). Whether or not we take the Holy Spirit’s suggestion is up to us.

The Holy Spirit suggests to us what is best to do, but the choice or final decision is up to us. Christians should ask God for the grace and strength with which to make the right decisions (i.e. decisions pleasing to Him) always. They should always have the faith that God is leading and guiding them in their decision-making. At certain times also, certain ideas pop up into the head of the Christian. It should be noted that the mind is a strong battlefield. By using the Word of God and what He has taught you as a Christian, you should decide whether the idea is from God or the Devil. In this instance also, Christians should ask God for the grace and wisdom to go by His voice and not that of the devil.


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