Relationships & Marriage


When you interview some spouses about their reasons for cheating or being unfaithful, some refer to an earlier offence by their partners as the main reason which fuelled their cheating action.

However this should not be so. Some people also seek the best and proven way to remain faithful and committed to  their spouses. The best way to do this is by being faithful to God, who gave you your spouse.

Marriage should be seen as stewardship. Husbands and wives will give account of how they treated their spouses to God, who gave them these spouses. In Genesis 3:12, it states: “the woman whom You gave to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I ate”. Thus Adam  acknowledged  the fact that God gave him his wife Eve.


Faithfulness to one’s spouse becomes an easy thing, and an inherent part of you when you are being faithful to God. Faithfulness does not only entail, being truthful and not cheating. It also means being reliable, helpful and  aiding in their development unconditionally.

When Job was being tempted in Job2:9, his wife said: “curse God and die!”. But after this trial , Job stayed with her and had very beautiful daughters with her. Job remained faithful to God, in his life and in his marriage even in hard times.

Many spouses say, that their partner is a gift from God when things are going very well. But they tend to forget that, when problems come. The marriage vow is a vow taken before God, and not man.

When couples see faithfulness to each other as a duty to God rather than a duty to only themselves, then their marriage would be stronger and their bond would be unbreakable. Amen

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