Relationships & Marriage


Many couples tend to have long-standing quarrels over serious and trivial things. Differences arise as people move together. The most important thing however is how these differences are handled.

When Solomon sinned against God, He punished him, but at the same time remembered His good servant David and kept the throne in the tribe of Judah. As Christians, when a person offends us, that is not the time to remember past wrongs; but rather the time to remember the good things which that person has done for you in the past. Having an unreserved love for that person at that particular moment would help you to bring the relationship on track.

When one is having a difference or differences with another person, he or she should learn to forgive the other person’s offense even before the person asks for forgiveness. The person may not ask for forgiveness at all. Instead of continually worrying about one’s differences with another person, one must determine the way forward with that person (in his or her mind) once and for all, and apply those decisions. Such decisions should be taken based on love and not hatred.

One should concentrate on the good things a person has done for him or her in the past when he or she offends him or her. At certain times the other party may refuse to see or hear from you. It is better to give him or her some space for his or her wounds to heal and then initiate reconciliation moves.

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