Relationships & Marriage


Many Christians have the notion that it is God who has to force them to marry one person or the other. Eve was created for Adam by God, but even in that instant, there was an element of Adam in Eve (i.e. his rib).

 When man sinned against God Adam said ” The woman whom thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat” (KJV) (Genesis 3:12). From that time to date, God gave man his own freewill to choose his spouse. A man or woman may decide not to even marry at all. God rather GUIDES or LEADS a person to a good spouse but the choice of marrying or not marrying that person rests with him or her alone.

When Abraham dispatched his servant to choose a wife for Isaac, God didn’t just barge in to tell him to choose Rebecca. He asked for God’s guidance first and then God, knowing all things, and knowing that Rebecca was from Abraham’s family made her to fulfil the requirement the servant had lain in place. It should be noted that Rebecca was not the only girl at the well at that time. The same can be said of choosing your spouse.


 There may be a lot of men or women around, but if you ask God to guide you to choose the right person for you, He will definitely lead you. He knows you so well that He would know just the right person to suite you and your shortcomings.

Even if you have married the wrong person for you (i.e. someone you feel is not suitable for you) all is not lost. Marriage is so important to God that He will help to sustain your marriage by His grace even if you have married the wrong person. All you need to do is to ask Him. Jesus in Matthew 5:32 clearly forbid divorce. Paul tells husbands to love their wives as Christ loved the church in Ephesians. 5:25. All these show the importance of the marriage institution. Jesus admonishes us to be wise as serpents, but harmless as doves.

Hence we should seek God’s guidance in choosing our spouse. 




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